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Small yet powerful, is one of the only social media networks that has implemented a secure, optional member verification method with our verified member program.

When you apply for an Xpurity verified member seal, we perform the following:

  • Legal age verification
  • Identity resolution
  • Criminal record check

Most traditional social media networks accounts do not have a verification seal next to their usernames. These accounts carry a higher risk for those who may wish to cause you harm.

Other social media accounts that do happen to be verified are typically based solely on a social influencer methodology and not safety.

When the verified seal is present next to an Xpurity member’s name on, our members can take comfort in the fact they’re most likely not talking to bots or misrepresented accounts.

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Xpurity Member Verification (Per Year / Recurring)


All verification requests are manually reviewed and cross-checked with various public third-party databases. Verification purchases, once submitted are FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE. Approved verifications automatically renew every year until canceled. NOTE: Changing your Xpurity username after your account has been verified will void your current account verified status. You will need to reapply for verification again under your new Xpurity username. Restrictions and other terms may apply.

Please fill out and submit the required information indicated below. Should you have any questions about verifying your Xpurity account, please contact us.