BIG changes are coming to starting in January 2024

Get ready for a new, adult social media platform that offers a quality member experience. is now more than a “social media” platform. is officially a thriving online adult community, where “quality” members matter. Why? Because quality members in our adult community will attract other quality members and together, help create an awesome adult community filled with sensual adult experiences.

Platforms that allow for bots, excessive spammers, no age verification, allow hate and abuse are not a quality community. is here to change that.

Important Grown-Up Stuff You Should Read (And we mean all of it – thanks!):

Our background IS the adult industry and has been for 22 years. 

Nobody wants to give their ID. However, part of being a responsible adult is PROVING YOUR AGE AND IDENTITY FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL CONSENTING ADULTS. It’s no different than presenting your ID when buying alcohol, cannabis, a can of spray paint, cough medicine, etc. Your ID is given to a store associate/person to validate and/or scanned and put into an encrypted virtual space. 

If you feel your “privacy” is being attacked, what about the sex workers that are stalked offline and online, beaten, and even worse. They’re attackers? Cloaked by NO accountability for their actions because they never had to offer a platform their ID to be safely kept. What about the sex workers privacy? What about their right to life? Right to safety? Those sex workers that you so enjoy, are someones daughter, mother, brother, father. Your right to privacy is not more important than their right to life. So yes, an ID is REQUIRED & KEPT IN A SECURE ENCRYPTED ENVIRONMENT SIMILAR TO WHAT YOUR BANK UTILIZES. 

A credit card DOES NOT PROVE YOUR AGE OR IDENTITY. A 16 year old can be issued a credit card. Does that give them the OK to be on HELL NO it doesn’t! Sorry a credit card is NOT a form of identification.

What is NOT:

  • NOT a place for minors or those who do not have legal consent to view.
  • NOT a place for spammers.
  • NOT a place for bots.
  • NOT a place for racists, bigots, hate, abusive or slanderous acts of any kind.
  • NOT a place to post nudes as your avatar.

Remember, this is your community. Invite other like-minded adults to be a part of it and let’s build something safe, sexy, and amazing together.



  1. Standard Account: Free member accounts are now Standard members and must be age-verified and pay a low, nominal fee to help maintain our community. 
  2. Safety: No minors here. Everyone is age-verified. All information is safely encrypted for your privacy and protection utilizing the same encryption technology as your bank. Help protect our community and the members in it! If you CARE about the adult community as a whole, make it safe!
  3. Roles: Every member will have a role in which you specify at registration: Content creator, Fan, Provider, Hobbyist, Adult Star, Adult Business and Kinkster (BDSM). Don’t see your role? may not be for you.
  4. Monetize: Members can now charge to see the post on their account.*(restrictions apply)
  5. Premier Member Account (IMPORTANT): These members are screened. The elite member account of the Xpurity community platform that offers the most benefits. This membership type is age verified, and has consented to a simple, painless, private, third-party background check screening for our members safety. MEMBERS WILL NEVER BE CONTACTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. YOUR INFORMATION IS PRIVATE AND ENCRYPTED AND NEVER EVER SHARED. This membership type unlocks key benefits such as: priority support, coveted gold badge, ability to charge higher subscription rate, pay lower commission fees on fan subscriptions, add a link to the top of their profiles, add social media links, ad-free experience, access to our auto-follow feature and are the first-to-know about new features and news.
  6. Auto-Follow: Activate the auto-follow feature, where quality new members follow you – automatically. You must have Premier Member Account to add this feature.
  7. SEO Professionals: We have created a new dedicated space just for SEO and webmaster professionals who wish to harness the domain authority power of You will have your own special account in which you can post unlimited articles for your business and/or clients.
  8. Yes, there is a nominal fee to utilize our platform. Mainstream social media platforms have major corporations that pay for advertising which help their platforms operate. Adult social media platforms do not have the same support. The fee is very nominal and only in place to help with verification and to help maintain the server that operates on. 

Other changes and features to look forward to:

  • Improved design, display, and interaction of various elements
  • Owners of paid profiles can make any post free of charge
  • Members can send videos in chats
  • Members can indicate links to social networks in their profiles
  • Added the ability for members to pin posts at the top of their profile page
  • Enhanced the image display system for posts using smart grids
  • Enabled voice message functionality within chats
  • Display the number of people who have voted for a poll in posts
  • Members can remove options from polls after creating them
  • Members can stop poll voting at any time
  • Members can specify a budget for their advertisements
  • Improved version of the progress bar for post uploads (images, videos, etc.)
  • Added the option to see member online indicators
  • Added a system to display recommended posts on the homepage
  • And much more!


How it will work

Whether you are a current free Xpurity member, or a brand new member wanting to sign up, the process will be the following:

  • 1

    Purchase an Xpurity subscription

    Choose from a Standard or a Premium membership.

  • 2

    Complete Xpurity Member ID Verification

    Submit your ID verification documentation.

  • 3

    e-Sign Electronic Agreements

    Complete the required electronic agreements.

Once your subscription payment has been processed, your ID verification details and e-sign documents are verified, you will receive an email from us indicating that you can access your Xpurity account.

In the meantime...

To help make this new process to the new Xpurity go more smoothly, please ensure you write down and keep safe your current Xpurity username, email, and password (if applicable). Please note, that once the new system is active, current Xpurity members will not be able to access their accounts until they complete the required steps as described above.

We understand that some current members may not agree with these upcoming changes and that’s okay. We ask that any of those members that do not want to participate in this new process, kindly download their account information (if desired) and delete their Xpurity account.

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