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An Xpurity member that provides professional, safe, companionship services for consenting adults, yet politically, one of the most targeted branches of the adult industry. Xpurity provider members love Xpurity because all Xpurity hobbyist members have some level of screening and verification. Xpurity adds a much-needed barrier of protection for our amazing provider members.

Subscription suggestion

Special features for this role

  • Peace of mind knowing every hobbyist on Xpurity has gone through screening, even at the minimum membership level.
  • With premium membership, providers can see premium hobbyist information at a glance.
  • Unbelievable networking possibilities with screened hobbyists and other providers.
  • Are you seeking a particular hobbyist or experience? Create an ISO (In Search Of) post from your account settings. Keep it simple — no intimate, gift, or donation details, please. Alternatively, try searching the ISO posts for that special hobbyist and check back often.

Monetization suggestions

Providers can easily tap into another income stream and get paid for doing what they normally do to generate business: posting beautiful images and video content on their social media profiles. Thanks to a subscription feature similar to OnlyFans, providers on Xpurity can earn money from their published profile content and only pay a small commission fee for each subscription sale, depending on their membership type: standard or premium. You decide what content will be free to view and what content requires a monthly subscription to access.

Feature suggestions

Xpurity Member Ads

Ads are controlled by users from their profile settings page.

Xpurity Banner Ad Zones

Powerful banners in various sizes placed in strategic high-impact locations.

Xpurity Admin Pin to Feed Listing Tool

You're pinned to the top of every feed by admin.

Xpurity Auto-Follow

Members follow you automatically. Please note that members can unfollow.

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Provider pain points

How Xpurity can help

"Hobbyists" that won't screen or verify

How Xpurity can help: ID verification is a minimum requirement for all hobbyist members of Xpurity.

"Hobbyists" that want additional images for free to verify your identity

How Xpurity can help: We encourage providers to refer hobbyists to their Xpurity profile. ID verification is a minimum requirement for all Xpurity members, so all providers on Xpurity have already been facial recognition verified. providers with a premium account have also agreed to a background check.

Expensive provider ads

How Xpurity can help: Xpurity offers a variety of advertising solutions starting at just $10 USD.

Overall time wasters

How Xpurity can help: All active Xpurity hobbyist members have been verified and pay a monthly fee. Therefore, they are most likely a higher-caliber hobbyist candidate.

Mainstream social media platform shadow-banning, account denial or deletion

How Xpurity can help: No shadow banning here. Xpurity is the safer adult social media platform.

Limited monetization abilities

How Xpurity can help: Providers are strongly encouraged to use the subscription feature within their Xpurity account to generate additional income.

Slow support from companion advertising venues

How Xpurity can help: Xpurity prides itself on fast support within 24-48 business hours.

Slow account review and approvals

How Xpurity can help: Due to Xpurity’s innovative structure, account reviews and approvals are fast.

Limited industry marketing and advertising options

How Xpurity can help: Xpurity is one of the first innovative adult industry social media platforms that offers a true, authentic, safer, bot-free experience for verified consenting adults.