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The perfect complement to Xpurity provider members, Xpurity hobbyist members love Xpurity because all Xpurity provider members have some level of screening and verification. Xpurity provides a much-needed protection barrier against bait-and-switch, scammers, and more.

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Special features for this role

  • Peace of mind knowing every provider on Xpurity has gone through screening, even at the minimum membership level.
  • With premium membership, hobbyists can see provided premium companion information, such as which verification methods they’re most comfortable with.
  • Are you seeking a particular provider or experience? Create an ISO (In Search Of) post from your account settings. Keep it simple — no intimate, gift, or donation details, please. Alternatively, try searching the ISO posts for that special provider and check back often.

Feature suggestions

Xpurity Auto-Follow

Perfect for busy hobbyists. Members follow you automatically. Please note that members can unfollow.

Hobbyist pain points

How Xpurity can help

Bait and switch

How Xpurity can help: Hobbyists feel more secure knowing ID and facial verification is a minimum requirement for all companion members of Xpurity, lessening the chance of bait-and-switch. Providers with premium memberships have passed background checks. Look for providers with completed Xpurity profiles, lots of images, and activity. Don’t forget to invite authentic providers to join Xpurity. This helps to create the community you want and the members you want to be surrounded by.

Sending sensitive verification information to multiple providers

How Xpurity can help: Hobbyists can easily utilize Xpurity as a verification tool. Their membership type says it all. If your membership status is standard, inform providers that Xpurity and its 3rd-party partners have verified your ID with facial recognition technology. If the hobbyist’s membership is premium, he has also submitted and passed a more thorough background check for assault and felonies within the last five years. Encourage the provider in question to join Xpurity as a premium member so they can view your screening information at a glance with a premium membership. Please remember that a provider has every right to perform screening and verification for their comfort level, which should never be questioned.

Provider verification method not preferred

How Xpurity can help: Providers on Xpurity can designate their preferred screening methods, and hobbyists with premium memberships can view those preferences at a glance. This is why it’s so important that quality hobbyist members like you invite amazing providers to Xpurity, ensuring hobbyists have a vast selection of providers who offer the screening method of their choice.

Desired provider compensation/donation rate not affordable

How Xpurity can help: Providers can offer hobbyists subscriptions to their private profile images that may not be publicly available to everyone. This is an amazing option for hobbyists who wish to enjoy providers whose donation rates may be out of their range or comfort zone.


How Xpurity can help: Xpurity makes a very uncomfortable environment for scammers from the very beginning. Xpurity does charge every member a nominal monthly subscription fee. Every member must verify with a valid ID and facial recognition for a standard membership and pass a background check for a premium membership. Even though our verification methods and technology are very advanced, no anti-scam method is 100%. Xpurity is doing its part, with your help, to make a safer adult community for hobbyists and providers to utilize and enjoy. There are other verification methods not disclosed here that would hinder scamming activity.

Safety concerns

How Xpurity can help: Xpurity is the safer membership option from the start. Both membership types require ID and facial recognition verification, and premium memberships require an additional background check. Hobbyists who would like to feel safer with their provider of choice may insist that the provider have an upgraded Xpurity premium membership to ensure a background check has been performed for his safety.

Mainstream social media platforms not for hobbyists

How Xpurity can help: Because Xpurity takes your safety very seriously and your hobby, everyone you’re socializing with within the industry must be a legally aged consenting adult. Unfortunately, mainstream platforms have yet to implement these levels of security. A minor can still apply for a credit card and get it, so sadly, credit card verification does not offer the layer of protection that some mainstream platforms are imposing, and even with that, a blue check is still an option – not here. All these security mishaps create a potentially dangerous environment that is unsuitable for hobbyists.