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A safer, uncensored social media experience for adults.


Xpurity is redefining how social media should be, by unifying the adult industry into its own platform. A community of stars, providers, fans, followers, customers, and clients, Xpurity blends news, topics, and media into a familiar, yet innovative social media atmosphere. As easy to use as traditional social media platforms, we already use every day — only better.

All together now

All the best social features that keep us connected are here with incredible enhancements. Connect, share, and engage with like-minded adults around the world.

Expression without fear

Xpurity is the ultimate social platform for like-minded adults. An uncensored, unfiltered experience without the fear of shadow banning, blocked, or account deletion for merely being a responsible adult.

A safer social space

Xpurity is one of the only social media networks that has implemented a free, optional member verification method. We invite you to share in our vision for a safer social media platform for all responsible adults and become part of the solution.


More stimulating than a vibrator

Drive your creativity to new heights.


With Xpurity, you can connect with other like-minded adults via direct message, commenting on posts, joining groups, attending events, video chat, and more.


Xpurity gives its members the power of expression via storyboard creation, albums, groups, blogs, customizable profiles with optional video headers, and pages that express your interests.


Only limited by your imagination, members have the power to create the social experience they desire. Xpurity offers all the tools you need for creative expression.


Digital subscriptions and more. Browse our members’ goods and services.


Announce your tour, hot launch party, meet and greet, expo, or the happiest of birthdays to the entire community. Invite and be invited.


Create blogs for commentary on what’s happening at the moment or go big and publish steamy erotic stories to the community. Blogs are an excellent, easy to use, multi-utility feature.


Capture the moment and organize your photos into personal album pictorials. Showcase and share your hottest with your followers.


Create a public group and share your passion with other like-minded members or make your group private for a more intimate group setting.


One of the quintessential cornerstones of mainstream social media, Pages, is where individuals, businesses, organizations, and groups create a direct extension of their web presence or reinforce their brand.

More Features To Love

Stories from the world’s best storyteller — you.

With Xpurity Stories, you can create your story with intoxicating photos and videos that play like a slideshow. Make the most of your stories; in 24 hours, those media elements disappear so you can start a new chapter tomorrow.

Your story is our story. Share it with the world.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then videos must leave you speechless.

Video chat is quickly becoming the new standard in communications. Your social media should be no different. With Xpurity, not only can you chat with other members from around the world, now you can see who you’re sharing a smile with 24/7.

Bookmarks — a private way to save what you love.

With so many enticing distractions, it’s easy to get off track and lose course. Now you can easily save, navigate back, and share your favorite post, pages, events, and more with bookmarks.

Your social space made beautiful.

Custom design options to make your adult social experience impactful, expressive, unique, and maybe even sexy. Make your creative mark on a post, page backgrounds, event headers, profile pages, and more with design customization tools and options.

Your vote matters.

Create or participate. In community polls, every vote counts. Interactive, engaging, and informative, members can get answers from within their community on hot topics and steamy discussions.

The most engaging content.

Sometimes words aren’t enough. Let an animated GIF speak for you. Search GIPHY‘s thousands of creative, expressive, GIFs to enhance your post.

I am …

Checking in emotionally with friends and followers with a quick feelings indicator is a great way to start a conversation Feeling. Traveling to. Watching. Playing. Listening to.

Give a quick status update post to all your followers on your current mood or activity that you are engaged in.

Safer from "hello"

Xpurity invites you to share in our vision for a safer social media platform. Express, share, and create in a safer social space.

Reach your most valuable audience

Xpurity has a variety of advertising solutions to target the audience you care about the most.


The power of social media. Taken further.

Join Xpurity free as a Discover member to experience exciting and straightforward avenues to connect with likeminded adults.

Our Explore membership gives you more of everything you love about Xpurity, unlocking even more powerful monetization, privacy, and feature capabilities.



All Xpurity members have the ability to:

  • Create unlimited photo albums, events, pages, blogs
  • Create unlimited public groups
  • Create advertisements
  • Receive basic verification 1
  • Promote up to 3 posts /month
  • Promote up to 1 page /month

Start exploring Xpurity today.

Simple. Safer. Social.

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