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Xpurity offers a safer, erotic
social media community for adults.
Beyond a social networking site — Xpurity is a quality
member-driven erotic community. Interact with REAL,
fun, sensual, like-minded consenting adults right now.
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How do I join and start enjoying Xpurity?

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    Choose an Xpurity subscription plan

    We offer both Standard and Premium membership subscriptions.

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    Purchase your Xpurity member ID verification

    This annual, nominal fee (currently, $9.99 a year) helps us to maintain our community's safety by ensuring age requirements, verifying members' identities, and more.

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    Complete your verification session

    Submit your official ID verification documentation and confirm your identity via a quick selfie.

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    e-Sign electronic agreements

    Completing the required electronic agreements helps ensure all members know what it takes to make Xpurity a safer social media platform.

Once reviewed and approved, we will email you
a special link to create your new Xpurity account.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is Xpurity?

Xpurity is an adult social media site, with its primary purpose to make it easy to connect, share, and engage with like-minded adults around the world.

02. Is Xpurity for adults only?

Yes, you must be 18+ years of age to use Xpurity.

03. Is Xpurity free?

No, to help support our amazing community to grow and thrive, Xpurity will no longer offer free accounts.

04. Does Xpurity offer a subscription option similar to OnlyFans?

Yes, your fans and followers can support you with paid subscriptions from the content you post to your Xpurity account.

05. Is verification mandatory for Xpurity members?

All members must verify their identity to help maintain our community safety and ensure minimal age requirements.

06. Can an adult businesses join Xpurity?

Yes, adult businesses such as online directories, production companies, bookstores, massage parlors, membership sites, adult eCommerce, strip clubs, and more are allowed to join.

07. What are my Xpurity advertising options?

You can create and pay for an ad posting to display within the main Xpurity feed. Additional advertising options, such as other banner and link advertising, home page exposure, auto-follow, and more are now available.

08. Is Xpurity LGBTQ friendly?


09. How do I report harassment, abuse, and violations?

Xpurity strives to be a safer, yet uncensored social media experience for the adult community. However, there may be times you need to report an account or violation for review.

10. How can I contact Xpurity support?

Got a question? Need help with your account? You may visit our support site at or visit our contact form.


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