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The Top 5 Xpurity Features You Should Know About

If you are an opinionated, free thinker, alternative personality, live an alternative lifestyle, or just an adult that wants to enjoy social media without the possibility of a shadowban, someone controlling your content or account, or becoming locked out, then look no further.

If you have not joined Xpurity yet or are wondering if you should, here are five excellent reasons that’ll have you wishing you did yesterday.

The Xpurity Affiliates Program – Sprinkle that link like confetti and get paid!

Add your affiliate link to your email signature, send to your phone contacts, and sprinkle it in your social media posts like confetti and get paid $5 when your referrer upgrades to an Explore membership — unlocking all the Xpurity perks.

Optional, free, basic age verification – Because you may see a nipple.

Xpurity has a strict 18+ years of age policy because well … you may see a nipple or … something.

All joking aside, one serious goal of Xpurity is to offer not only alternative social media but a safer alternative social media. Therefore, you must agree that you’re 18 years of age or older to join.

Xpurity is extremely serious about your freedom of expression and speech, security and safety.

Xpurity is the first social media network to take age verification one step further via authentication, allowing members to submit their ID’s for age verification. Xpurity’s verification service is free and completely optional. Once verified, not only are you helping make our community safer, but you will get a cool badge next to your username. This way, members know at a glance that you are age verified.

Are you concerned about the safety of your ID? Don’t be. It’s not just out there floating in the digital twisting nether. Your ID will be stored safely in a secure, highly encrypted, cloud-hosted environment with NO public access.

Know who visits your profile

You can now officially see all the fans and haters who’ve been creepin’ and peepin’ your profile — sort of. You may decide to send them a friendly, direct message.

Probably one of the most invaluable features on Xpurity, you can see who viewed your profile and the last time they were online. Upgraded Explore members have the option to view profiles anonymously and disable the last online feature for a bit more privacy.

Explore members can toggle on and off both these features in their settings.

Cover header area video capability for profiles, events, groups and pages

Explore members can make their profile, events, groups, and page headers come to life with full video capabilities.

Video and images are heavily moderated for TOS violations. Freedom of expression, sensuality, and full-blown nudity is permitted as long as the member has written consent to use the footage or graphics and all persons present in content are of legal age.

Images are nice, but video covers are the ultimate accessory to any event. That loud and clear message for any group and the crowning jewel of any profile or page.

File size and video length are limited, but members are easily given enough to really have a lot of fun and fully express themselves, message, story, or cause.

Explore members that gain lot of followers should consider the monetization possibilities of a video cover that you can change whenever they would like.

Verified PLUS – Within seconds, letting our community know you’re one of the good guys or girls

The grown-up version of our basic age verification service, Verified PLUS is all about sending a single message that you take safety and your connections seriously. Without saying a word, your Verified PLUS badge will put many Xpurity members’ minds at ease upon first sight.

Verified PLUS is our highest level of member verification.

No verification method is 100% foolproof; however, Verified PLUS members have been vetted through various screening methods like background checks, supporting documentation, etc. to help ensure the Xpurity community they are as safe and real as possible. Most likely, they are not a threat to the Xpurity platform or its members.

Verified PLUS members set the gold standard in our community as they have achieved the highest level of trustworthiness possible.