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There’s no such thing as a perfect social media community, but with a shared vision of making social media a safer place for all, we believe we’re off to a great start.

For those with less than harmless or playful intent, social media has become an entry point for various cyber crimes and those who commit them. From crimes of the heart, elaborate catfishing schemes, profile hijacking, bait and switch, or more toxic, dangerous acts such as nonconsensual sexual encounters and human sex trafficking. Xpurity recognizes the need to implement better solutions in curtailing cybercrime, where established social media platforms have typically failed.


We all desire a fun, safe environment. Xpurity makes this possible.

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Two-factor authentication

Small yet powerful, Xpurity is one of the only social media networks that has implemented a free, secure, optional member verification method with our Verified and Verified PLUS programs.


Legal age verification

Identity resolution

Verified PLUS

Legal age verification

Identity resolution

Criminal record check

Most traditional social media networks accounts do not have a verification seal next to their usernames. These accounts carry a higher risk for those who may wish to cause you harm.

Accounts that do happen to be verified are typically based solely on a social influencer scale and not safety.

When the Verified or Verified PLUS seal is present next to an Xpurity member’s name, our members can take comfort in the fact they’re most likely not talking to bots or misrepresented accounts.

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