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As Big Tech Social Media Platforms Increase Censorship, Xpurity Offers an Uncensored Experience for Consenting Adults

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As Big Tech Social Media Platforms Increase Censorship, Xpurity Offers an Uncensored Experience for Consenting Adults

FOSTA/SESTA proves how out of touch our government is to sex workers, the adult industry, and their customers. One start-up sets out to prove censorship is not the answer.

Regardless of your stance on sex work, porn, social issues, or even politics, everyone has the right to be heard and express themselves. So why is censorship our government’s knee jerk reaction? Especially on issues such as pornography and sex work.

What happens when a 20-year sex worker advocate and a 15-year Fortune 500 UX designer get together and create an easy to use social media platform for consenting adults? Meet Xpurity. The adult social media platform that escorts, sex workers, porn stars, and their fans have always dreamed of.

Despite Xpurity being an adult social media platform with recognizable social media features like editable short message posting, video chat, stories, public and private groups, and more, its cornerstones are freedom of expression and speech, member safety, anti-trafficking, and offering helpful services like user verification.

“Protecting our rights, and each other is not solely the governments’, social media companies, advertising platforms, or parents’ responsibility. It is everyone’s responsibility. We all need to step up and be more accountable. We can start by implementing simple actions that do not impair our rights.” comments Adrianne Housel, CEO of Xpurity.

Xpurity is a safer option for consenting adults and offers key protective integrations like:

  • Minimum age to join is 18 (not 13, a weak point for social media platforms, i.e., Twitter, Facebook, IG)
  • Age confirmation during registration and entry
  • Partnering with parental software companies to restrict child access
  • Unlike most adult advertising websites, it requires login credentials to enter and view most content.
  • Our adult nature is transparent.
  • Anti-trafficking, ending victimization and adult entertainment advocacy focused.
  • Free standard and enhanced screening verification methods that help protect members.
  • Members are encouraged to and can easily report suspicious content – we will act immediately.
  • Random, manual and proprietary methods of content checking for trafficking and illegal behaviors
  • Mandatory ID submission for paid advertisers
  • Heavily protective of members’ rights – no bans or account deletions for consenting, responsible adults
  • Immediate reporting of criminal acts or suspected criminal violations to authorities

Xpurity is groundbreaking for the adult industry. With more clearly defined joining requirements than traditional social media platforms, Xpurity is attempting to set the record straight that consensual adults can enjoy an adult-centric environment and fight vigilantly against trafficking and CSAM.

“There are no declared sex workers in Congress to my knowledge, so we cannot expect them to relate to our industry or impose regulations to protect or oversee it. Hence, implementing poorly written, catch-all, laws like FOSTA/SESTA. Lawmakers need to educate themselves regarding sex work in its entirety, and not solely on the victimization. They need to have honest, open discussions with established organizations like SWOP and Prostasia. But most importantly, they need to look at decriminalization seriously.” states Adrianne.

The adult industry and the millions of responsible participating adult customers and clients around the world will not standby passively and wait for lawmakers to do the right thing.

“Again, we are all accountable, but lawmakers need to realize once and for all censorship is not the answer, nor are laws and amendments that quickly switch courses from “save the children” to the war on sex work, our rights, and pornography. Until they do, the virtual doors of are open.” says Adrianne.