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Comparable to many online directories “send my ad to the top” feature, XPurity’s boost advertising option is a PERSONAL menu action that can only be performed on your posts. You cannot boost another member’s post, only share their post.1

Depending on post type, boosting your post will pin it to the top of the XPurity homepage feed or display within the sidebar area to be seen by members. Your boosted post will be placed in rotation amongst other users boosts and distributed accordingly based upon current active member sessions.

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Boosted Posts Monthly
Boosted Pages Monthly

Monthly allocated boost quantity is limited by your membership type. However, you can boost and unboost posts freely based on your monthly allocated amount anytime you’d like.

1 You CANNOT boost other users’ posts, but you CAN share other users’ posts on your own timeline, page and/or group. Sharing will temporarily send the other user’s post to the top of the XPurity homepage feed. Posts can also be shared on other external social media networks.

Create an Ad

All members can create most of their advertisements. Creating your ad on Xpurity is easy.

Choose your audience.

Select from various genders and countries you wish to target your ad.

Select ad placement.

Choose from either a post-style ad that displays within the feeds or a sidebar ad placement.

Select bidding type.

Depending on your advertising budget and campaign, you can select to either pay for your ad by user clicks or ad impressions. Monies are deducted accordingly from your Xpurity advertising wallet balance.

Create your ad.

The final step in the ad creation process is to create your ad copy. Add a picture and link your ad to any external URL, or you can link your ad to any of your Xpurity pages, groups, or products.

All ads subject to our advertising policies.

Create your ad

Post Background

Post backgrounds allow members to customize text-only posts with various designs and colors.

As an advertiser, you now have another opportunity to make your brand, campaign, or message stand out and seen in other members’ feeds.

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Need design help?

Our Xpurity design team can help design the perfect, most effective post background for your campaign. Access to our talented design team included in quoted pricing.

7-day minimum
Design fee* $99
Additional Advertising Solutions

We help advertisers engage with our rapidly growing and diverse membership through email, web, social channels and other targeted solutions.

Please review the following detailed advertising solutions and contact us with any additional questions you may have. We look forward to collaborating with you and making your advertising goals a success!

We can help:
  • Drive leads for your sales team
  • Create custom branded content for you
  • Raise awareness of your brand
  • Position you as a thought leader around specific topics
  • Deepen current relationships
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Automatic Followers

A powerful option available to advertisers, the automatic follower feature allows advertisers to have newly joined Xpurity members automatically follow your account.

As you post terrific new content, these automatically added, new followers, will be first to see what you have to offer. Great for advertisers who are seeking to increase general brand awareness quickly.

Premium Banner Solutions

Take your ad campaigns to the next level when reaching your target audience.

By utilizing Xpurity’s Ad Server, you will have greater ad control, placement, targeting, customization, and reporting. Contact us to learn more.

Start advertising on Xpurity.

Tailored solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

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